The best art for your buck in Portland, for the week of April 8th-14th 2019

Why choose? See both.


A Dark Sky Full of Stars

Theatre Vertigo

2110 SE 10th


A play about a young man, Brandon, who is always in and out of trouble. Until he is shot in the back by a member of his community. Through the perspectives of his family, friends and girlfriend we learn the circumstances of a young American man’s life and how seemingly unrelated events culminate in cutting it short. A cast of 6 diverse women bring to life the story of what we do when someone is lost violently and unexpectedly.

Why we're excited: We love Vertigo, whose tiny, intimate space and mission of choosing new and underperformed works make them the picture of a cool, casual Eastside theatre. Vertigo's work consistently focuses on rich, character-driven stories, and we are excited to see this all-local, all-female cast bring this one to life! BONUS: Student tickets (with ID) are always $10, and Vertigo participates in Arts 4 All, so Oregon Trail cardholders can show cards at the box office for $5 tickets!

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A Little Less Human: A Ghost Story

Chapel Theatre

/4107 SE Harrison, Milwaukie/


You’re the blur in the corner of the picture behind the person smiling

You’re the silence between the lightning when everyone is waiting for the thunder

You’re the feeling in our bellies when an elevator goes too fast

And the ticking of the clock in an otherwise silent room

You are gravity.

You are bare skin

You are aging, even now.

How long will your fingerprints last in rooms after you’re dead?

Or the water glass with your lip prints on the counter?

In death, A Little Less Human, a little more lost.

TriptheDark Dance Company is in it's 9th season and has gone from fairy tales (The Wolf Child's Mother, Just Right) to popular 80s films (I Carried A Watermelon, Labyrinth) to the dark comedy of Twin Peaks (Dance of the Dream Man). Known for their expert storytelling through contemporary dance and drawing in audiences unfamiliar or under-appreciative of dance, this year’s production is about grief, about love, about the loss you feel when you die. Based on the movie, “A Ghost Story,” this dance production follows the story of a couple who is real, who loves and disagrees and has passion. A couple who feels loss, deeply and separately. Through contemporary dance, TriptheDark delves into a love lost and a death trapped in a house, a home; purgatory.

Why we're excited: It's a dance piece based on a ghost story, performed in a church. Obviously we're going. We love the theme, and we especially love the vibe of TriptheDark, who describe themselves as being for people who don't usually watch dance performances, and whose choices in adaptations make them wish we'd found them MUCH sooner. We can't wait to check them out!

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