The best art for your buck in Portland, for the week of July 8th–14th, 2019

This week's edition of Artpunk Club has EVERYTHING: David Bowie, Puppets, Electronica, Hot Gays, and UFOs. Get in on it!

Thursday, July 11th @8:00 PM


H2M Theatre

@ Milagro

525 SE Stark


UNIVERSO The Universe Inside

A world premiere by Joaquin Lopez

29 years ago a young Latino boy came out in Aloha, Oregon. Alone and 15 years old, he was determined to be a part of this world. In pursuit of a place under the sun, he listened to the music, danced to his own rhythm, and with his girlfriends discovered PRIDE on the dance floor!

Joaquin Lopez has written and recorded a concept album of 10 original songs inspired by his coming of age and coming out as a gay man. The album, UNIVERSO, is an infectious, unique, and unusual blend of electronic and studio recorded music influenced by 80s and 90s dance and electro-pop sounds and rhythms.

The theatrical concert is a bilingual, multimedia moving collage of universal images and video interwoven with soundtrack and soundscape that invites the audience to enter the emotional panorama of a man traveling through the cosmic journey of becoming whole and embracing all parts of himself.

Co-created with performing artist and art director, Michael Cavazos, the audience will enter a magical world that pays tribute to Latino queer identity, emotional survival, and personal transformation to a disco beat!

“I Want to Feel the Universe Inside of Me” - Joaquin Lopez

Recommended for ages 14+.

UNIVERSO, The Album is scheduled for release Summer of 2019.

Universo runs July 11-13, 2019.

Why We’re Excited:

Portland’s music scene is diverse and rich, but definitely lacking in GLAMOUR and THEATRICALITY. Cue Universo, who looks as if they’re going to balance the scales singlehandedly! Hand2Mouth’s last production was the immersive and fun Dream Logic, and like that (but different!), this promises to be something mysterious and fun. A live music video album? Post-gender cabaret? Cher-style costume changes? We don’t know, but we DO know it’ll be fun to find out. Plus, Milagro has that dreamy lobby/snack area where you can sit and relax before a show!

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Saturday, July 13th @ 7:30pm

My Little China Girl

CoHo Summerfest

@ CoHo 2257 NW Raleigh Street


“Oh baby, just you shut your mouth…” When David Bowie died, performing artist Soomi Kim was suddenly reminded of her own coming of age in the MTV generation and her adolescent desire to be the exotic Asian woman in Bowie’s China Girl video. My Little China Girl is Kim’s solo multidisciplinary dive into the missing spaces of memory, Max Headroom, family, 1980s teen angst, cultural beauty standards, Bowie-love, and yearning to be accepted from the perspective of a first generation Korean American child.


My Little China Girl runs July 11th-14th.

Why We’re Excited: Show number three of CoHo Summerfest! Personal journeys can make for compelling storytelling, and Soomi Kim’s My Little China Girl looks to be a strong example. Pair it with Universo & you’ve got a fantastic outsider’s coming-of-age double feature!

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Sunday, July 14th @ 8pm

Cattle Mutilation: The Musical

Puppeteers for Fears

@ Holocene 1001 SE Morrison



Puppeteers for Fears, the world’s greatest puppet rock band and comedy troupe, present Cattle Mutilation: the Musical!, a quintessentially northwest story of the generational divide, UFO sightings, and the search for Bigfoot. But with puppets. Written by Josh Gross, directed by Katy Curtis, and with live music performed by Derek Deon and the Vaughns.


Something is happening to the cows. They’re found in fields turned all about. Intestines on the out, and outsides in….

After a rash of cattle mutilations hits their small Oregon town, a rancher and his son set off into the woods to find the beast they’re sure is responsible: Bigfoot. Instead they find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic family dispute with potentially deadly consequences!

See the two-headed beast of the Rogue Valley live and in-person!

See if being good at video games is the same as having your flying saucer pilot’s license!

See the swinging surf rock soundtrack performed by Derek Deon and the Vaughns!

See cows finally strike back!


An expected combination of belly-laughs, heart, and catchy pop hooks you won’t be able to get out of your head, Cattle Mutilation: the Musical! is both a loving homage to campy pulp sci-fi, and something wholly original. This is the puppet rock musical about Bigfoot you couldn’t have imagined you needed, because it was too bizarre for anyone besides Puppeteers for Fears to have dreamed up.

The show is 90 minutes long with one intermission, and features twelve surf-rock and space-jazz inspired songs written by Josh Gross, and performed by indie-soul darlings, Derek Deon and the Vaughns.

Why We’re Excited: Horror theater can be hit or miss. But if you can imagine a Venn diagram of UFOs, puppets, and musicals, well… that is where Artpunk Club lives. We’ve never experienced a Puppeteers For Fears show, but we’re giddy at the prospect based on their name alone. And all tickets are $10?!? Couldn’t keep us away.

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