The best art for your buck in Portland, for the week of June 17th–23rd 2019

Thursday, June 20th 7:30PM


Fuse Theatre Ensemble

@ Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center (IFCC)

5340 North Interstate Ave


The highlight of OUTwright 2018's Reading Series is back in full-force as OUTwright 2019's Feature Production: Bootycandy, and this year we are housed in Portland's historic home of Black Theatre, The Interstate Firehouse and Cultural Center.

This hilarious, side-splitting romp is a story about queer people of color by queer people of color, but make no mistake, it is a story for everyone.

After all, who hasn't had those awkward conversations with their parents or had a hook-up go terribly awry. These are universal experiences, but in Bootycandy, we focus these stories through the lens of Sutter, a gay black man. A collage of vignettes, Bootycandy will tickle your ribs and touch your heart. So put away your tragic queer tropes and check your sappy queer drama at the door; the only tears you'll be shedding will be from laughing until you cry.

Content warning: Mature audiences only. Sexual content. Discussions of rape. Nudity.

Bootycandy runs June 14-30, 2019.

Why We’re Excited:

What better way to celebrate Pride than with a story by and for queer POC about awkwardness and hookups? We haven’t had a chance to check out Fuse Theatre Ensemble before, but love what they have to say about celebrating queer culture, and how you gonna miss a show called "Bootycandy" in the month of June in Portland Oregon? Can’t do it.

Bootycandy is part of Fuse's Outwright Festival, which runs through the end of June. Check out their whole lineup of readings, workshops and panel discussions on their Facebook page!

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Friday, June 21st 8:00PM

Linda Austin || Ordinary Devotions Performance Works NW

4625 SE 67th Ave.


NOTE: 8-12 tickets are set aside to be purchased at the door each night. First come first served. Pay what you will || No one turned away for lack of funds.

"Ordinary Devotions" is back by popular demand as part of SoLow Fest PDX. Created and performed by PWNW Director Linda Austin, this solo is a meditation-in-action on the ordinary/extraordinary life of the body, a tactile and tender apprehension of the world to hand. An intimate drama of gesture and sensation unfolds alongside a bracingly unorthodox use of objects: e.g. a white vinyl tarp, a twig a lamp, cassette tapes, and multiple spools of thread. These objects and the body animating them co-exist in a space at once sculptural, time-based, and performative. Throughout, task-like activity yields to poetically and emotionally-charged movement/text/image evoking vulnerability and hints of mortality. Aural landscapes based on field recordings by Juniana Lanning also explore the transformative potential of material existence. Video by Kelly Rauer.

The show runs approximately 60 min.

Ordinary Devotions will be performed June 18, 21, and 22, 2019.

Why we're excited:

This show was one of our first Artpunk Club picks, and we are just as excited now as we were then! From our March recommendation of Ordinary Devotions:

"Oh MAN are we excited for this performance. Performance Works NW is known for being a neighborhood hub of fantastic, weird, wonderful art. It's the kinda place where something great is always happening; the kinda place that makes a neighborhood extremely cool before it gets extremely expensive. Linda Austin is the curator and grandmaster of PWNW and all its many wonderful events, and we wouldn't miss anything she did for the world. How intimate is this performance? There are just 28 (t w e n t y e i g h t) tickets for each performance, so don't hold off!"

If you missed this show the first time around, you're in such luck! It's back for three performances and it's PWYC for this short run!

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Saturday, June 22nd 7:30PM


Crave Theatre Co.

@Shaking The Tree

823 SE Grant


In RED by John Logan, Mark Rothko, an artist, and his assistant Ken grapple with defining art, what it takes to create it, and with determining the role that art should play in the world!

We are ecstatic to finally announce that our all-female cast includes:

Maia McCarthy as MARK ROTHKO & Kylie Jenifer Rose as KEN

RED runs June 14th-30th, 2019.

Why We’re Excited: We’ve not yet seen a Crave Theatre show, and it’s always exciting to experience a theatre company’s work for the first time. Also, the show! Rothko—a talent arguably both iconic and mediocre—was not shy about expressing his opinions on art. He’s a rich subject for a Mamet-esque, dialog-driven show like Red. Sign us up!

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