The best art for your buck in Portland, for the week of June 3rd–June 9th 2019

Where is the emoji that is just two comedy masks?

Monday, June 3 @7:30PM

Renée’s Queer Cabaret

in association with Risk/Reward

@Curious Comedy Theatre

5225 NE MLK Jr Blvd


The third in a series of resistance variety shows hosted by Renée Muzquiz.

RENÉE’S QUEER CABARET is a live stage performance that defies the traditional cabaret with rock music and a focus on the intimate humor, joys and vulnerabilities of living on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

This show's theme will be the B Movie "Not of This Earth."

Renee’s Queer Cabaret runs one night only, June 3rd.

Why We’re Excited: Risk/Reward, the associate producer on this show, is a festival that’s coming right up at the end of June, whose mission is “to help visionary artists get new projects off the ground.” This project is a queer cabaret with clowning, burlesque, and the fabulous and funny Jennifer Lanier, who fellow theatre nerds might recognize as one of the hilarious aunties in Orphic Theatre’s Killing Fields workshop earlier this year. It looks like a super fun, super lighthearted sexy show, and we can’t wait to check it out!

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Thursday, June 6th @7:30PM

Tigers Be Still

Lyon Theatre

@ The Siren

315 NW Davis


TIGERS BE STILL is a comedy that follows the misadventures of Sherry Wickman, a young woman who has recently earned her master's degree in art therapy only to find herself moving back home with her family, sending out countless résumés and waiting for the job offer that never comes. Unemployed and overwhelmed, Sherry retreats to her childhood bed and remains there until an unexpected employment opportunity gives her a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Now if only her mother would come downstairs, her sister would get off the couch, her very first therapy patient would do just one of his take-home assignments, her new boss would leave his gun at home, and someone would catch the tiger that escaped from the local zoo, everything would be just perfect.

Tigers Be Still runs June 6th-22nd.

Why We’re Excited:

Somehow, it is possible to attend… oh, something like sixty to eighty performance art events a year in this town, and EVEN STILL, every once in a while you get to be surprised by a theatre that is (somehow?) new to you. Portland is hecking magic. We've haven't seen a Lyon production yet, but now in their third year, it would seem we are overdue, and judging by the company they keep, we've been missing out! Everything we’ve ever seen at the Siren has been a blast--they’re known for hosting all manner of rowdy comedy--and the plot sounds like a ton of fun. We also loved Tiffany Groban in The Reborning for Artpunk Club fave Beirut Wedding a couple of seasons ago, and are super stoked to have a chance to see her perform again!

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