Everything is opening and it's a week full of great previews! Who's in for a three show binge?

MARCH 12th @ 7:30 (Preview)

Wolf Play

Artist's Repertory Theatre


In a world where people struggle to have children, one American couple decides to 'un-adopt' their young Korean son because they have a newborn at home. After an internet chat room search for the right family, the father 're-homes' the boy with a lesbian couple, where one half is desperate for a child and the other half is fighting for her career. As the boy—who thinks he’s a wolf, but is really a puppet—adjusts to his new life, he forms bonds with the unlikeliest of culprits while the rest of the adults squabble about what is ‘best for the child.' Wolf Play promises to be a messy, funny, and moving theatrical experience that grapples with where family allegiance lies.

Why we're excited: Two reasons. A of all, we love the cast, and B of all: we are a sucker for anything with a puppet.

Buy tickets here for the $10 Tuesday Preview...

...but if it's sold out, try the PWYC Sunday show on 3/10


MARCH 13th @ 7:30 (Preview)


Portland Playhouse

602 NE Prescott Street


Portland Playhouse garnered much acclaim for its musicals with successes such as A Light in the Piazza, Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, and most recently, Scarlet. Crowns brings the musical experience back to the Playhouse stage in a big way. A female-driven cast tells the story of Yvonne, a young woman transplanted from Brooklyn to South Carolina following a family tragedy. There she meets a circle of women who share with her the history, the importance, the power of the hat. Crowns is a not-to-be-missed celebration of song, dance, cultural history—and glamorous headwear.

Why we're excited: It's been a great year so far for black theatre in Portland, and if you haven't noticed, you're missing out. Crowns is an original musical featuring some of Portland's most talented black theatre artists both onstage and behind the scenes, and Portland Playhouse is known for shows with high production values and extremely polished work. Their shows earn rave reviews from audiences every time, and the other two preview nights are already sold out, so if you're interested, don't wait—these seats go fast!

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MARCH 13th @ 6:30 box office / 7:30 show (Preview)


Third Rail Theatre @ Coho

2257 NW Raleigh Street

$Pay What You Can

In the midst of a Syrian city stricken by war, two young couples meet for a quiet evening of laughter and soap-opera-watching. But after a confession of love, two proposals, and an unexpected kiss, friendships lie in melodramatic tatters… and someone may lie dead on the floor. Guillermo Calderon’s riveting and surprising play blazes a trail through the twists and turns of cross-cultural understanding, challenging us to re-frame our notions of life, love, and what’s lost in translation.

Why we're excited: *extremely Stefon voice* Oh my god are you kidding me? Kiss has EVERYTHING: romance, melodrama, and a cast and creative team that's basically one solid list of some our favorite Portland theatre peeps. PLUS, the way Third Rail offers preview performances makes for a perfect night out in NW. Third Rail doesn't sell tickets to its previews in advance, so they can't sell out way in advance. Instead, you show up to Coho (right off NW 23rd) at 6:30 to buy tickets in person, and then spend the hour before the show bumming around the neighborhood or grabbing a bite. It's super easy to find something fancypants in that area, but we love Lela's right around the corner from the theatre for banh mi or pho before popping back over to the theatre for the show.

Even though you can't buy preview tickets to Third Rail shows in advance, you can still read more about the show and its amazing cast and crew here!