MARCH 21st @ 7:30 (Preview)


Confrontation Theatre + Milagro

525 SE Stark St.


A bridge that spans a deep gorge draws tourists, joggers and more than a few wandering souls. Reeling from the death of her mother, twentysomething Fay comes to the bridge looking for solace and a good place to vape, but what she finds is a journey of self-discovery. In the whimsically theatrical world of Jump, lights flicker, hearts heal – and you never know what surprises will literally fall from the sky.

Why we're excited: This show sounds like a philosophical treat to us, and haven't we all, really, found ourselves now and again looking for a good place to vape? We said it last week and we'll say it again: if you're in Portland and you're not seeing black art, literally whaaaat are you doing? We already know we love Milagro, whose subtitled Spanish productions are always wonderful, and are stoked to see this show produced (in English!) in partnership with Confrontation, whose work we're excited to check out for the first time!

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March 22-23 @ Doors @ 7:30pm

Linda Austin || Ordinary Devotions Performance Works NW

4625 SE 67th Ave.


Ordinary Devotions, created and performed by award-winning PWNW Director Linda Austin, is a meditation-in-action on the ordinary/extraordinary life of the aging body and a tactile and tender apprehension of the world to hand. An intimate drama of gesture and sensation unfolds alongside a bracingly unorthodox use of objects: e.g. a white vinyl tarp, a twig, stones, a lamp worn on the body, cassette tapes, and multiple spools of thread. Throughout, task-like activity yields to poetically and emotionally-charged movement, text, and image—evoking vulnerability and  hints of mortality. Beauty, humor, a bit of rebellious “orneriness”, and awkwardness all find their place in the precarious world of this dance, itself situated within a larger world apprehensive about its own survival. 

Why we're excited: Oh MAN are we excited for this performance. Performance Works NW is known for being a neighborhood hub of fantastic, weird, wonderful art. It's the kinda place where something great is always happening; the kinda place that makes a neighborhood extremely cool before it gets extremely expensive. Linda Austin is the curator and grandmaster of PWNW and all its many wonderful events, and we wouldn't miss anything she did for the world. How intimate is this performance? There are just 28 (t w e n t y e i g h t) tickets for each performance, so don't hold off!

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