MARCH 28th @ 7:30

To Fly Again

Imago Theatre

17 SE 8th Ave.


Mad Max, Ionesco, and Beckett are inspirations for Mouawad’s desert playground where "there is nothing to be done." A revival of last spring’s smash hit, four dancers and a roaming percussionist clash and collide with a clan of four clowns (à la The Marx Brothers) in a beautiful, yet barren, landscape.

Why we're excited: This is the second show in Imago's Next Wave Festival. We recommended the first—another Mouawad original!—just a few weeks ago. Personally, we love any opportunity to see multiple works by the same artist in short succession, but with shows that sound this zany, in a theatre as known for its imagination as Imago? We can't wait.

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March 27th @ 8pm

Fin De Cinema: New Live Score to Salomé by Dolphin Midwives & Indira Valey


1001 SE Morrison St.


POW FILM FEST OPENING NIGHT SCREENING! Tunes by DJ Black Daria before and after the film!


The passion project of Russian-born actress and producer Alla Nazimova, this outrageously stylized adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s notorious play—based on the biblical story of the teenage princess who lusts after the severed head of John the Baptist—is a delirious, decadent avant-garde spectacle. Its status as a queer classic rests both on its Art Nouveau-meets-camp style and on the legend that the bisexual Nazimova cast the film entirely with gay actors. America's first art film!

Fin de Cinema is a recurring live film score series curated by Gina Altamura. The series was established in 2009, and allows prominent Portland-based pop and experimental musicians to re-interpret the soundtracks to art films. Fin de Cinema is an audio-visually immersive, deeply collaborative series which seeks to give new life to classic films. Visually rich cinematic landscapes are paired with daring musicians in a variety of genres.

Indira Valey (Portland, OR) is an avant garde multi-instrumentalist and performance artist who channels powerful songs that reverberate with the voices of her ancestors and speak directly to modern audiences. Her ancient-sounding, resonant voice is a force of nature, and she utilizes looping technology, effects pedals, and a unique palette of instruments (including flugelhorn, timpani, kalimba, electric guitar) to create mesmerizing and memorable live performances that are ever-changing due to her spontaneous improvisational magic. Her debut album Recordar is a bilingual collection of oceanically soothing, powerfully healing songs about memory and finding your own inner power. In Spanish, "recordar" means both "to remember" and "to pass back through the heart.

Sage Elaine Fisher is an American composer, performer, and sound artist based in Portland, OR. She is best known for her performance project Dolphin Midwives, which abstracts harp, voice, and percussion using electronics, extended techniques, and ritual processes. She explores themes of empathy, natural cycles, vulnerability, transformation, and technology through social experiment, meditation, psychoacoustics, and magic.

Why we're excited: Either every single word of that description has you reaching for your debit card or it doesn't, but holy cats I am in love with everything about all of this.

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