The best art for your buck in Portland, for the week of May 13th–May 19th 2019

This week's episode of Artpunk Club gets reeaaaal elemental.


Fire and Meat

Rutabaga Story Co.

@ Headwaters Theatre

55 NE Farragut St.


Rutabaga's new play follows Grendel, from "Beowulf" and her life before the events of the epic poem. Grendel spends her life tending to her dying Mother in their cave, until Unferth, a Dane, comes into her life. The two struggle to find their place in the world and in each other's lives as the events of "Beowulf" loom overhead.

Show runs May 4th - May 18th

Why we're excited: Okay first of all this show has PUPPETS and not just any puppets but extremely cool and huge puppets. We also love Claire Aldridge (of Red Balloon Theatre Collective fame) as Grendel, and Rutabaga, whose workshop of Irish Exit SLAYED at Fertile Ground this year, and whose mission of "new, fun, and accessible work" could not be more our jam.

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FRIDAY, MAY 17TH @ 8:00pm

Sea Foam

Performance Works NW

4625 SE 67th Ave


SEA FOAM, an original dance piece by Jana Kristi Zahler, is a journey through the underworld, navigating a landscape where land meets the sea. An exploration of relationships moving through dark and light. What will be unearthed?

Jana has been working closely with dancers Ivy Farrell and Anna Olmstead for this creation. Charlie Stellar (SF) filmed a dance-for-film with Jana, Ivy, and Anna specifically to be a part of this show. Jana Meszaros and Patsy Morris are also collaborators within this piece. Original Music by Luke Matter

Show Runs May 16th - 18th

Why we're excited: By now, our love of Performance Works and our appreciation for Linda Austin's masterful curation of an outstanding outer-SE dance scene is well documented. If you caught our recommendation for Pathways (and you should!), you'll recognize Patsy Morris from her delightful performance, and we're super into choreographer Jana Zahler's whole vibe.

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