The best art for your buck in Portland, for the week of May 20th-26th 2019

Why choose? See both.

FRIDAY, MAY 24TH @ 7:30

Brilliant Traces

Defunkt Theatre

4319 SE Hawthorne


A blizzard rages outside a remote cabin in the wilds of Alaska. Rosannah, a distraught young woman bursts into the cabin still fully dressed for her wedding. Thrown together in the confines of the snowbound cabin they alternately repel and attract each other as, they explore the pain of the past and, in time, consider the possibilities of the present. In the end their very isolation proves to be the catalyst which allows them to break through the web of old griefs and bitter feelings which beset them both, and to reach out for the solace and sanctuary which only hard-won understanding, self-awareness and compassion for the plight of others can bestow.

Show runs May 17th - June 8th.

Why we're excited: If you caught Artpunk Clup pick Tragedy: A Tragedy at Defunkt earlier this year, you already know and love Elizabeth Jackson from her delightful and hilarious portrayal of Constance, a character with such zany range she’s like four roles in one. In Brilliant Traces, she picks up the director’s reins, and we can’t wait to see her sense of wit and her impressive range applied to a tight and intimate show all about how we connect.

BONUS: Every single seat at a Defunkt show this season is PWYC, so you can pop up after dinner anytime you're on Hawthorne and grab a seat for just $5!

SUPER BONUS: This show is basically the perfect date night activity. Which is a great coincidence, because Defunkt is basically the perfect date night venue. SO great, in fact, that we've created a Completely Unauthorized Artpunk Club Guide to the Perfect $20 First Date (in Portland). Check it out, and thank us later.

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Lost Boys

Siren Theater

315 NW Davis


The Bad Reputation Productions favorite is back...

The staged parody of the best movie ever made about teenage boy vampires in 1987.

Adapted to the stage by Shelley McLendon and Courtenay Hameister

Music by James Liptak

Tech by Tori Zanzalari


Paul Glazier

Jed Arkley

Erin Jean O'Regan

Shelley McLendon

Wm. Steven Humphrey

Tony Marcellino

Ted Douglass

Lori Ferraro

Marshall Bradley

Scott Engdahl

Justin Himes

David Wester

Show runs May 10th-25th.

Why we're excited: Oh man. Every now and again, the good and brilliant folks at the Siren get together and parody a beloved 80s film, and we are all the richer for it. If you’re any kind of cinephile, 80s kid, nostalgia junkie, or lover of laughs, Bad Reputation shows are positively unmissible--and a super fun intro to theatre for lovers of lowbrow. The 1987 film is only streaming on HBOgo, but if your ex changed their password it’s still worth paying a few bucks on Amazon to give it a rewatch. Even if you’ve never seen the movie (I hadn’t the first time I went!), the show does a great job of keeping you oriented and in on the (many, many) jokes.

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