Getting to knowwww you... Artpunk Club FAQs

Art, for... you know. Whatever it is you're into.

What is Artpunk Club?

So glad you asked! Artpunk Club is a curated Portland performance arts calendar, with weekly theatre, dance, and avant-garde picks from $5-$25. We are independent and unaffiliated with any particular organization, but we pretty much love them all. For more about our jam, check out our intro post.

What is an Artpunk?

An Artpunk is anyone who is interested in seeing performance art, but feels like they don't belong in "the art scene." If you feel like theatre can be too expensive, too white, or too fancy, you're our people, and we hope you'll love our picks. We don't always get it either, and we are also uncomfortable with audience participation. And we like snacks.

What kinds of shows do you pick?

Artpunk Club is into financially accessible performance arts of all kinds. Even when it’s serious art, we see shows for fun, so we don’t recommend anything based on whether it is Important or Good for You. Our picks include theatre, dance, and avant-garde performances. We pick highbrow and lowbrow shows; straight tellings of classics and devised experimental pieces. We tend to like a show with a few laughs (especially if it’s a drama) and we usually low key worry any time fake accents are going to be involved. We try to see everything, but--beautifully and wonderfully--it’s just not possible to see every show in Portland. At the end of the day, our picks are just the handful of things we’re the very most excited about each month.

Do you write reviews?

“Interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon art,” quoth Susan Sontag, and we couldn’t agree more. We thought about it for a really long time, and couldn’t come up with anything LESS punk than someone else telling you what to think about art, so we don’t do that here. We talk about why we are excited about upcoming work, and we love to do interviews to give the artist (who, unlike a reviewer, is definitely 100% guaranteed to actually understand the art every time) more space to contextualize it themselves.

Why don’t I see Wicked on here?

We are all about Portland art fandom, and about seeing Portland artists whose work we can follow over time. For this reason, we don’t promote big touring shows, and we are less likely to promote shows with imported artists. You’ll hear about those bigger budget shows on billboards anyway, and since Artpunk Club doesn’t take money from artists (wouldn’t be punk, etc), we’d rather turn you on to stuff you might not already know about. BONUS: You can also check our Instagram story highlights for our Artpunk Club Weekend Roundup, where we repost ANY Portland performing arts events we hear about with GA tickets available under $25.

Why don’t you display the entire run of the show on the calendar or in the blog post?

Artpunk Club is for everyone from the theatre-curious to the art-obsessed, but we are especially into making it easier for people who want to see a ton of shows for not a lot of money. The hardest part of assembling our own personal arts calendar has always been figuring out how to see everything we want to see--which is super hard when some shows might only last a weekend, and others may only have one performance in our budget. If a show has affordable tickets and a long run, we try to see it as early in its run as possible so that we can recommend it to everyone we know, and maybe even see it twice!

I saw a show you recommended and I loved it!!!!

Don’t tell us, tell your friends! Actually, do tell us, so we can repost your #artpunkclub art night out selfies. But also, and more importantly, if you love a show, tell everyone!

I saw a show you recommended and I hated it!!!!

Shhhhhhhhhh no reason to dwell, right? In all seriousness though, if a piece of art isn’t for you, it might be tempting to savage it widely, but please don’t. We have often seen and loved shows that seemed to not resonate with half the audience, and we’ve felt iffy about shows that got resounding standing ovations. Not all art is for everyone, and that’s fine. Come Monday, you still get to brag about going to a performance art event instead of putting miles on your sofa. If you really hated the show, recommend it to an enemy, and then claim they probably aren’t cool enough to get it when they tell you it was the worst. Seriously, though, if a piece of art isn’t for you, use that experience to hone in on your own taste and find more stuff you do love! Related and VERY important Theatre Rule Courtesy of Lin-Manuel Miranda: You gotta be at least three blocks from the show you just saw before you start discussing your thoughts… You never know who's involved with the show in the audience or has loved ones seeing the show that night. Good or bad, get out of earshot.

A show I’m excited about isn’t on your calendar!

We can’t pick everything because Portland is too hopping, but if you think we missed something, please let us know! Even if we can’t feature it as a club pick, we will always post your event to our Artpunk Club Weekend Roundup in our Instagram story highlights. Even more important than letting us know though, if a show is coming up and you’re excited about it, let your friends know! Let your coworkers know! Let your crush know you wouldn’t mind seeing it again!