We interrupt our summer intermission to bring you this extremely important recommendation

Red Balloon goes Yellow? Tell us more!

August 22nd thru August 31st, Thursday through Saturday @8:00 PM

Yellow Yellow Yellow

Red Balloon Theater Collective

@ Wild Lilac

3829 SE 74th


"Yellow x3 is a devised collaboration where we opt for the popping visuals, smells, tastes, and sounds of the circus. Our femme perspective will take themes from artist Remedios Varo, 'The Yellow Wallpaper', and the sonofabitch Samuel Beckett himself. We will toy with the juxtaposition of tragedy and comedy, and discover how 'hysteria' itself comes to be and has shifted throughout time. Realism, in essence, lacks the palette to paint the emotional landscape of the visceral conditions within 'hysteria'.

Our circus acts will each take on different personas to lead you on our yellow journey."

Why We’re Excited: Red Balloon Theater Collective—RBTC for short—is part of a vibrant, fun new wave of Portland Theater creatives who push boundaries and demand attention. Their last (and first!) devised work The Ways We Cope was a multidisciplinary delight, and since then RBTC members have cross-pollinated with other theater groups to great effect. In short, this is where the interesting new work is, so…

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